*Sustainable and strategic industry analysis*

Press Release KF2Strategy GmbH - 03/08/2014

Every day we are flooded with information and data, most of which is inconsistent, incomplete or simply incorrect. It is irrelevant in which economic phase we are currently in. Prerequisite for being able to operate in a successful, not only economical manner is a high quality, usable analysis of the current available Information and data, which can provide answers to the following three questions:

Question 1: Which information and data is available, necessary and correct?

Question 2: Are interdependencies with other industries and trends considered?

Question 3: Which are the relevant and deciding findings and which strategic implications can be made based on these?

KF2Strategy’s advanced and sustainable industry analysis meets all of these requirements. At first glance, the formula for a successful and sustainable industry analysis appears to be rather simple: „Identify the available, reliable, and necessary information from the existing global information and data universe. Recognize the fundamental facts and correlations. Use the essential findings and draw the right conclusions.”

In reality however, answering the first question already proves to be difficult. A majority of experts of different industries and disciplines will most likely agree on the availability of information for an industry analysis. Yet the question pertaining to the necessity of information will result in complete disagreement.

„The finesse of our strategic and sustainable industry analysis is the application of resilient logic and combinatorics by analyzing all industries and performing a targeted reduction of the information complexity of single industries“, explains Dr. Andreas Kipp, CEO & Managing Director of KF2Strategy.